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09 the bureau.w710.h473.2x article

It’s Time to Start Watching The Bureau

The series practicing the best spycraft these days is from France

The keepers article
Vanity Fair

The Keepers: Your Guide to the Next Making a Murderer | Vanity Fair

The Dead Nun, the School Sex Scandal, and the Amateur Detectives Fighting for Justice

Mark linn baker the leftovers carrie coon article
Vanity Fair

How The Leftovers Got Mark Linn-Baker to Go Deep | Vanity Fair

The onetime star of Perfect Strangers opens up about a running gag that took a darker turn | ...

April glamour imtheonly article

At Work I'm the Only...

...Muslim, Black, transgender, unmarried woman. Four women tell how they cope with being the office standout.

Logan film dafne keen article
Vanity Fair

How Logan Found Its Extraordinary Child Star, the Uncanny Dafne ...

Casting director Priscilla John on the search for Laura, a.k.a. X-23.

Michelle barack obama article
Vanity Fair

Nearly 100 Lucky A-List Babies Received These Gifts from the ...

Vanity Fair exclusively shares the custom baby gifts the Obamas gifted

Untitled article

"This Is My Job" Helen Levi

How one artist turned her pottery hobby into a paycheck

22 gilmore girls careers.w529.h352.2x article

The Gilmore Girls Cast Power Ranking-- Vulture

Predicting the cast’s career trajectories would’ve been a fool’s game

17 the crown.w529.h352.2x article

The Crowns of The Crown: A History Lesson -- Vulture

How were the monarchs’ spectacular crowns recreated, and how much of the show’s rumored $100 million budget went into making them?

Narcos2.w529.h352.2x article

How Narcos Shot Pablo Esobar's Death -- Vulture

Filming that roof shootout had its challenges

09 lesli linka glatte chatroom silo.w245.h368.2x article

Lesli Linka Glatter, This Year's Sole Woman Director Nominated for ...

The Homeland executive producer talks about the challenges of directing a spy thriller, and how happy it makes her to help other women call the shots

12 cruz velez.w529.h352.2x article

Separating Fact and Fiction in Netflix’s The Get Down-- Vulture

Breaking down what's real and what's not in Baz Luhrmann's hyperstylized extravaganza

Absolutely fabulous rebecca hale costume designs article
Vanity Fair

Inside the Fabulous Fashions of the Absolutely Fabulous ...

Costume designer Rebecca Hale takes us through the film’s most outrageous and memorable outfits—minus the Lacroix, darling

21 quinn article

Up Your Game With the Quinn King Insult Generator-- Vulture

Relive some of Quinn’s best quips and marvel at a master’s bon mots